Social Enterprise Home Care Agency & Service

Our Mission is to provide a new kind of Quality Home Care Service for the local community with you at the heart of the service tailored to your wishes and budget whilst delivering peace of mind for all concerned. Our aim is to combat loneliness and support an age and dementia friendly community.

We embrace a L.I.F.E. philosophy

Live life as Independently as possible with Friends in your own Environment

Our commitment is to:

    • Offer a home care service personalised and flexible to your needs.

    • Have the opportunity to choose your helper.

    • Keep the same helper to make visits less intrusive and build a relationship on trust and honesty.

    • Provide a service similar to what friends and family provide, anywhere, whether at home, in hospital or nursing home.

    • Support people to remain living in their own homes.

    • Have a one stop shop to access information for health, wealth and well being.

    • Offer a free telephone service.

    • Offer a membership card scheme to all our customers (allowing them to get discounts from local businesses in town).

    • Organise trips out for visits to professionals and social and leisure visits.

    • Gatepost people for POA for Health and Social Care.

    • Support Solicitors by visiting elderly clients and addressing their health and social care needs on their behalf.

    • Offer an advocacy service to customers.

    • Create events to help people access services in the community.

    • Help people choose the the right residential or nursing home and continue the support to ensure needs are met and are happy.

    • Ensure when our customer is hospitalised their home is safe and on discharge they are welcomed in a warm home with enough food.

    • Encourage our customers to be as self sufficient as possible to retrain their independence.

Contact us we go the extra mile to help.