Save time, money, enforcement action and closure

Post date: Nov 05, 2016 12:3:30 PM

Recently our operations department did a survey relating to the number of homes that were offered our services last year and refused our support. We also did a survey relating to those who received support from our team. We were absolutely amazed that the homes that availed of our support and advice mostly got good in all areas, particularly group homes. The smaller homes were also seen as a good rating in all areas. In all honesty all the homes who took our advice and worked with us as a team, who originally were inadequate, are now good in all areas. There is a very good atmosphere in these homes where the management acknowledge the superb care given by staff and include them in decision making particularly when it comes to good practice. We work as a professional team to ensure success for the residents, the staff and the providers and we are kept busy by receiving contracts by word of mouth and our good reputation in turning the services around.

We are only too aware what will happen when nothing is done about improving the service and not agreeing to receive professional and genuine support. In our recent survey of over 100 homes at least 10 per cent of the homes had closed or were in receivership. The homes that were inadequate back in October, 2015 were either still struggling with one owner advising us they were selling the business as a distressed business or as another owner said “we will close.

It is our greatest pleasure to help homes get a good inspection, we therefore can provide a service to put in a solid foundation for new and existing homes, providing them with user friendly paperwork to complete audits, do risk assessments, promote good practice with person centered care plans, provide adequate training and professional support for staff, and ensure Quality Assurance is up to date. We have turned around homes that were embedded in a culture of old fashioned methods and not current with legislation. We have turned around homes that only needed operational guidance and a fresh pair of eyes to put appropriate action plans into place. We have helped homes to help themselves in recognising where there were inadequacies and we have worked with the Managers and the proprietors to achieve compliance. With our professional support and your participation we can assure you that your homes will be safe, effective, caring, well led and responsive to the needs of the residents.

There is a right way and a wrong way of doing things and when working in care we have to comply with CQC and the stringent measures which are sometimes seen by some providers as over the top is understandable. However, we all have to take on the learning curve and strive to do the best we can in whatever we do. The most important part of regulations is that we must strive to do what is good for the residents and what is good for the residents is good for the service.

Mary Carew