Post date: Aug 06, 2018 5:25:2 PM

Being an asset to our elderly population in Seaford

Loneliness can be like a very serious illness and it is very depressing and heartbreaking to some of our elderly population. We at Sussex Elderly Care are very aware of how lonely people get, especially around the time of celebration, and during the festivities of Christmas and Easter.

With many people taking holidays during this very hot spell, please take a couple of hours out and visit your Nan and Grandad.. Our senior citizens love to talk about the success of their grandchildren and great grandchildren. Make a special effort during this hot weather and pay a visit to your grandparents and let them know how much you love them.

Because someone is getting on in years does not mean they do not need to enjoy themselves, as my mother used to say- ‘I may be getting on in years, but I still have dreams and wishes that I want to pursue.’

I have a wish for my family to be successful and to be part of that success. Sometimes families do not get time to take their Mum and Dad out, Sussex Elderly Care are aware of this, so we endeavour to end the loneliness by ensuring that they go to their preferred restaurant or be taken out to see the beauty of The Seven Sisters. It is surprising how families sometimes miss the fact that their parents are lonely and sometimes, maybe we only take them for granted, knowing they are there, but not interact with them.

At Sussex Elderly Care we have found great wisdom in the wonderful client’s we have been fortunate to help in Seaford. We have found that there is a lot to learn from our senior citizens who have led wonderful lives, but now because they are older, are finding the time

Lonely because of the lack of contact and interesting conversation.

Today we have to remember that the elderly are a generation of conversationalists, who perhaps did not have televisions or ipads or mobile phones. They

Macommunicated person to person and enjoyed socialising, either as next door neighbours, or receiving that important visit from relations where photograph albums would be taken out and the good old days would be talked about.

Older people have memories and needs and wants as all people and these needs and wants should be listened to and acted upon, by family members and by those who care. Let us appreciate our past, which can only cement a successful present and a happy future for our senior citizens.

One very interesting woman said to me this morning her son and daughter said ‘ it is now pay back time’ - and they look after their mum every week and take her out to pamper and spoil her with nice hairdos and special treats and interesting conversations. Let your loved ones be a pleasure to be with and embrace them and you will embrace the future with a wiser and more generous generation. Start with your own family and make the most of wonderful parents who deserve to be included in all family and community matters.