BBC Panorama - Behind Closed Doors: Elderly Care Exposed

Post date: May 01, 2014 9:38:32 AM

Last night's BBC documentary must have initiated some profound and disturbing emotions for many people watching as it did with us. There are many residential and nursing homes who deliver excellent, kind and compassionate care; however, there are many who are falling short for several reasons.

The lack of respect and the inhuman treatment exhibited by the so called carers who treated the residents in those Nursing Homes on this programme is very sad. There is something missing in society when people under the guise of "carers" abuse such a vulnerable group of people. These elderly residents could be their father or mother, and it is a very poor show if that is how they may think of their parents. There is a lot of ignorance and basic values in compassion and care; it is cruel to slap a resident or call them names, it is cruel not to answer call bells, it is cruel to leave residents for hours when they want only to go to the toilet, it is cruel and inhuman to leave residents in the darkness of their room when they ask to be toileted.

There is an urgent need to educate people in society, starting at primary school level to learn compassion, love and respect for each other. Kindness, compassion and respect are key ingredients for good people to be employed as carers.

There is an urgent need in society to stop this false idea of care where power over this vulnerable group of people overshadows the ideology of compassion and love to care. As correctly depicted this was an assault on these very valuable and vulnerable group of people.

We at Sussex Elderly Care realize that such abuse may exist and will do everything we can to ensure that Residential and Nursing Homes treat elderly residents with respect and dignity and that those residents are safeguarded in any work we do. We want to promote a culture of love and respect for all human beings and to have compassion (which is the kernel ) in the care that we undertake. Whether it is in helping a home to comply with CQC standards or personal care of a resident at home, we will promote a culture of compassion and respect.