A homely atmosphere

Post date: Mar 15, 2016 7:52:12 PM

In the course of our work as consultants, at Sussex Elderly Care, we come across some very homely environments and one such home is in North Corner, Lewes. The homely atmosphere hits you as you arrive at the door. You are greeted by the very friendly manager Mrs. Schoonraard who makes you feel at home. The home retains most of the original features and it reminds me of exactly how my mother kept the house where I was born. The bedrooms have an old style makeover, they are very clean and are immersed in the growing up years of the resident. All residents are surrounded by their memorabilia and the furniture though historical has grown with them over the years. Whether it is knitting or board games, paintings or quaint items of furniture, you are sure to find what befits the memories of residents as old as 102 or as young as 82. This home creates within its structure a unique relic of certain eras and the required memorabilia and furniture that befits a homely atmosphere for this lovely generation. All the residents love the home and all the staff love the home and the residents. It is well managed and there is a great sense of pride in respecting the residents, they are treated as part of a family with dignity and courtesy. Their history is a relic of an older decency and their presence in the home marries well to the environment.

Mary Carew